The Northern California Italian Greyhound Club 2012 Officers and Board Members:

* Virginia Gould-Perry, President  Fresno, CA
* Nona Molaison, Vice President, Durham, CA
* Christina Moulton, Secretary,  Eureka, CA
* Audrey Sutton, Treasurer, Saratoga, CA
* Members of the Board of Directors:
Rick Weyrich, San Francisco, CA, Linda Griffin, Fresno, CA, Pat Daniels, Auburn, CA

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Our next club membership meeting will be at the Stockton show on Sunday.

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Northern California

Italian Greyhound Club

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 Future Plans and upcoming Specialties Start Planning Ahead


The Northern California Italian Greyhound Club is looking forward to both

a Designated Specialty in conjunction with the 2015 Woofstock shows in

Vallejo, CA and another NCIGC Specialty on Saturday evening.

Five chances for Majors in 4 days!


Details will follow as we move into 2015.




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